What is it about Bridget Jones?

What is it about Bridget Jones?

by Ivana blumenschein, 26th February 2016

What is it about Bridget Jones?

With the third Bridget Jones’ movie coming out this year I had a huge urge to go back to the first book over Christmas. I  loved her when the first two books; Bridget Jones’s diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason came out back in the 90’s. I took my paperback editions off the shelves, looked at the covers that are a bit worn out and thought about the many times I read this or lent this to someone.

She spiced up my Christmas once again and made me laugh out loud late at night, tired but still holding on to the book and thinking “just one more chapter”- just like 20 years ago! I remembered my mum bursting into my room, yelling because I was laughing like crazy and it was three in the morning and I’d woken her up.  I read her the passage and we continued to laugh together. A crazy teen and her crazy mother laughing at a crazy British woman. It made me think what is it about Bridget that makes her so good, so funny, so relatable to women, so timeless in a way?

I came up with a dozen reasons.

Resolutions. Making New Year’s Resolutions, beginning the year with such optimism and then failing at some of them. Doing it over and over and over again, convinced that this year its going to be different, believing you’ll do better. I love making resolutions, wish lists, to do lists and  when things don’t get checked off I feel a disappointment of sor,t but still I like to think it’s better to have a plan.

Being single. Proud of it but simultaneously really wanting to be single. Everyone has been single in aperiod of their life when everyone else around you is coupled or friends with benefits or whatever combination in between. And I’m pretty sure we all get asked the same questions “Well, what’s new in your life? Anyone special?” and “What are you waiting for?” and “Time flies you know, the clock’s ticking”. Bridget does it beautifully, handling the comments, handling her parents but still being honest to herself about what she really wants.

Falling for the wrong guy. Getting involved with someone you know is a fuckwit and knowing it’s not going to turn out well in the end,  but still getting carried away and then ending up heartbroken.  Never learning from the mistakes you made. It happens to us all.

Making yourself a work in progress. Constantly trying to improve. Losing weight, gaining weight, chasing a better job, improving your inner being, challenging yourself. But still not being the smartest, prettiest woman with the highflying career and unfaltering selfconfidence.  Friends who are great but still somehow manage to put you in awkward situations and not really giving the best advice.  Family who love you but still manage to make your life harder rather than easier at times.  And loving them all despite and because of who they are.

Making odd fashion choices and not realising what you’ve done at all. The golden dress speaks for itself ☺

Staying home for the weekend in your pyjamas, feeling lonely, crying, singing (very badly) to some heartbreaking song, eating and drinking and making it through.

Wearing the wrong kind of underwear in the most delicate situation and still managing to dazzle -The legendary granny pants ☺

Knowing your flaws but also knowing your worth, and valuing yourself enough to tell someone that the offer they gave you is not good enough. And then finding someone who likes you just the way you are. What more can a girl want?!

Taking life with a sense of humour, sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s hurtful, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s wonderful, sometimes it’s hard but still it’s the greatest ride you’ll ever have and you need to enjoy it.

These books made me laugh and cry, made me feel less like a failure and more like a heroine, they made me take life less seriously and enjoy the funny side more, even if the joke was at my expense. I love Bridget for it!

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