Welcome to koob

Welcome to koob

by Helena Habdija, 26th February 2016

Humans are social beings. Communicating, exchanging ideas, sharing our passions and being around each other: Most of us like to do these things.

I know that having alone time with my thoughts and a good book doesn’t make me less social. I like being around people; l like meeting them and being a part of real live communication. What I really like is to smile and see someone else smiling too, and no emoji can replace that.

I changed two countries and three cities in the last year, and I know it’s not that easy to meet people when you are always ‘new in town’. I’m a bit old-fashioned, and for me meeting people in person was something that I didn’t want to exchange for anything – but the way of life that we are all leading makes this more and more difficult. Connecting with people with the same interest virtually, with the attention to meet them actually is a great feature of online dating apps, so why not use the same technology and make something similar for booklovers?

After spending hours and hours thinking about the name, we finally went for the most obvious one: Koob. Koob is book spelled backwards. Just as any human interaction and communication should go two ways, the name goes from Book to Koob, from me to you.

So what is Koob?

Koob is a community of people who share a passion for books – booklovers. We bring people together through books.

I mentioned dating app technology, but Koob is not primarily a dating app; we like to call it a friendship app, but you never know where the similar interest can lead you. You just join Koob and start meeting fellow booklovers in your favourite coffee bar, or browsing books in library or a book store with them. You might end up joining book clubs or book meetups and talking about books you are reading, or going to book festivals with your new friends. The main thing is that you are among people similar to you, who understand your love for books and reading – and maybe through this interaction you will even find love. The most important thing is that you are having fun.
There are many different ways to use Koob – mostly to meet people who like to read, but you can also use it for finding and sharing books, sharing your thoughts on the book you’re currently reading, meeting fellow book lovers who just happen to be near you or going together to organized group events in libraries, bookstores or open spaces.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Koob.



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