Fangs, passion and immortality

Fangs, passion and immortality

by Ivana blumenschein, 26th February 2016

I was at the library a few days ago in search for something new but came home with something old. Red cover with an old painting on it, it looks like an old medieval illustration It’s my favourite kind of dark story with the Monster I still feel very passionately about, though I’m walking the dark side of thirty . Dracula.

Yes, I’m a vampire lover. I’ve loved vampires since … well since I first heard of them. I was somehow always drawn to these characters and their stories.  My friends sometimes joke that I have a dark side, but honestly who doesn’t. I don’t like horror movies, I’m not into ghost stories (excluding on Halloween), I hate zombies and usually monsters are not my preferred company, but vampires …

I read Stoker a long time ago and at the moment Dracula is ruling my nights again. I’ve read most of the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels, the Twilight saga, The Historian, many of the Anne Rice vampire books, Unholy Awakening etc.. I’m looking forward to The Pierced Heart from Lynn Shepherd. Apart from the Twilight saga I’ve avoided Young dult vampire series such as The Vampire Academy, Vampire diaries etc. I prefer the one book stories, although there are exceptions. One of my favourites is a book from a Croatian author writing under the pseudonym Viktoria Faust that would translate as ‘In the Angelic Form of a Beast’.

There are many kinds of vampires in those books, some I like more, some less but nevertheless it’s hard for me to resist the temptation of fangs lurking within pages of a book.

Many have asked me where does my fascination come from? It’s not an easy question to answer. It’s like asking someone why they fell in love. It’s the tingling that you feel around someone but can’t really explain why. But for the sake of argument, allow me to try.

I like fangs. Strange, I know! But when someone has big canines, I find it appealing. There’s something primordialt, something raw and incredibly sexy, something animal like. Kisses on the neck, kisses on the inner side of the wrist. Those are the places where you can always hear the heartbeat, sense the excitement in an other person. You can know what they feel just by listening. It’s exciting to feel that under your tongue. A bite is just a step away.

We’re all bloody underneath but who wouldn’t like to be someone’s own private brand of drug? That special brand someone would like to taste,  smell,  feel. No other fluid has such a vibrant colour, no other is the symbol of life and love the way blood is. The heart is red, pleasure, passion , but also pain .

The idea of someone looking young and beautiful but having hundreds of years’ experience is tempting and exciting. Someone knowing so much, having seen so much, having visited so many place, met so many people, heard so many stories, lived so many lives. What tales he could tell? What things he could teach? Knowledge is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Being a loner but never really being lonely. Self-reliant. Strong. Not really needing anyone, only choosing to socialize when you feel like it it. Who wouldn’t like such freedom? We’re all lonely sometimes, we depend on others for many things and rarely experience such a freedom.

The idea of mastering death, being resilient to change, to pain, to illness, being able to cheat time. Many dream of immortality, of infinite youth and beauty. It’s every mortal’s dream. Of course it has a dark side too. Seeing so much death, causing death, seeing change that doesn’t agree with you, not really making an imprint and or leaving a legacy behind. It’s why some vampire  characters tend to be melancholy and why they awake the need for consoling them and saving them. A tragic hero of sorts.

Power and intellect. All of them are smart,  speaking in a more old fashioned gentleman like way, having manners that would suit more past times than the present moment. They are also powerful. But it the raw kind of power, an animal like power. They don’t need guns and weaponry, they need no masks or gadgets. Many of them even have special talents, setting them further apart from  the average man. All of that makes them fearless and  more appealing.

They are sensual, passionate, emotional and sometimes romantic. It is not relevant if they are described as counts, warriors, failed artists, beautiful predators or even bloodthirsty monsters, the beauty, the passion and the capability of deep emotions is  always there. And who doesn’t yearn for that?

Of course, for some they will always remain pale, uninteresting bloodsuckers or horror figures. For me, they are a myth that might be more than a story, a fantasy, a shadow you might see in that moment when the dream is escaping your eyes but you are not yet awake. And I welcome them every time.



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